Disney’s New “Rivers Of Light” Is A Splashy Celebration Of Multiculturalism



Just when you think Orlando’s Disney World doesn’t have more tricks up its sleeves, the newest water fountain will prove you wrong. SO wrong.

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Opened on February 17, Disney Animal Kingdom Park’s Rivers of Light is giving California Adventures a run for its money. Only a few exclusive VIPs have gotten to check out the show, but from what we’ve heard, it’s pretty spectacular. Full of laser, light projections, pyrotechnics, lots of waterworks and you betcha, all your favorite Disney tunes.

One major bonus point: floats and boats that spotlight animals and fountains blasting water higher and higher to the sky.

The show focuses on one big theme: multiculturalism, by bringing eastern festivals to life with innovative technology. Disney explains its show as a celebration of:

…the beauty of all living things. With a brilliant fusion of water, sound, and light, it’s quite unlike anything you’ve experienced before! The magnetic display culminates in a triumphant blend of song, light, color, and earthly elements — a grand finale so divine that you can’t help but feel a sense of peace and oneness with nature.

Let’s dive right into this gigantic water version of “it’s a small world.”

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