How To Get Free Wi-Fi 24/7 During Your Entire Trip In Morocco!


“So…what’s the wi-fi password?”

Wi-Fi in Morocco is not as bad as other African countries, you’ll find usernames and passwords freely available in most hotels, restaurants and cafes. How fast they are, that’s another question. My social media posts, for examples, had zero problems getting posted (even at gas stations!) Insta-stories, however, required more vroom, so they were either botched, lost, or never got uploaded within 24 hours so disappeared into the blackhole of cyberspace.

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If you’re looking for faster Wi-Fi connection at all times, then travel with a Wi-Fi box. If you’re in Taiwan, Thailand or Singapore, check out e-roaming, it works great especially in the countryside, the Sahara Desert. Basically anywhere that isn’t full of tall buildings or confined spaces. E-roaming does’t work as well when you’re inside a hotel, for instance.

Since last year, Morocco’s three main telecom providers including: Maroc Telecom, Meditel and Inwi, blocked various free mobile internet calling apps. Skype, Viber (Whatsapp texting works but not calling) and other VoIP services were no longer available to travelers who were forced to make expensive phone calls. Besides buying a local SIM card with an unlocked phone, what you’ll need to do is to download a powerful VPN.


Check out Vypr VPN, the world’s fastest VPN service that works particularly well in Morocco. With a free 3-day trial included for all monthly and annual plans, it’s fast, easy-to-use and stable with time-saving features like one-click connect, one-tap server selection, and a ping test to choose the fastest server. To sign up and save, click on the monthly or annual plan you prefer.

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