Apparently, Eiffel Tower’s Glass Walls Will Look Way Better In Your Photos



Despite tourism in Paris going through a rough period, the city is still planning on protecting its most famous icon. The Eiffel Tower will be secured with two new glass walls at the base for safety reasons.

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In addition, it’ll look a lot better in your photos than the current metal fences that were put in place for Euro 2016 soccer championship. The new permanent glass walls will be placed on the north and south sides of the landmark.

Deputy Mayor in charge of Tourism, Jean-François Martins, is not keen on the current mental fences and said:

It is useful in term of security, but it ruins the view of the monument.

Martins also explained the 2.5 meters (8 feet) tall glass walls will offer clear views of the tower from both the Iena Bridge and Champ de Mars park which are places where travelers and locals often take photos from.

Since the November 2015 terror attacks, Paris has heightened security in the city, particularly surrounding the Eiffel Tower. Despite the decrease in Paris tourism since the attacks, the tower remains to welcome 6 million visitors and profits €82 million annually. According to CNN, approximately €13.7 million is spent on maintenance. The new glass walls would increase the spending to €20 million this year.


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