Mother Of Slain Backpacker Posts An Open Letter To Trump


My daughter’s death will not be used to further this insane persecution of innocent people,

Written by Rosie Ayliffe, mother of a slain British backpacker, to US President Donald Trump after her daughter Mia Ayliffe-Chung was killed in Australia.

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On Monday, Trump criticized the media for bad reporting on cases of terrorism around the world. After Ayliffe-Chung’s death appeared in White House’s list of 78 underreported terror attacks, Ayliffe posted on Facebook:

According to CNN, 21-year-old Ayliffe-Chung was stabbed to death with fellow backpacker Tom Jackson back in August. Australia police almost instantly ruled out terrorism as a motive of the murders. Ayliffe’s Facebook post stated:

Treating immigrants as disposable commodities and disregarding their safety causes deaths throughout our so-called civilized world…I have lived and worked in the Islamic world for a number of years … Mia traveled in Turkey and Morocco too, albeit too briefly.

The Trump administration has not responded to Ayliffe.

Photos: Facebook/Mia Ayliffe-chung

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