America’s Tech Giants Enter Legal Fight Against Trump’s Immigration Ban


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There they are, 97 companies speaking out against President Trump’s executive order on immigration. Citing it “violates the immigration laws and the Constitution… and a sudden shift in the rules governing entry into the United States, and is inflicting substantial harm on U.S. companies.”

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On Sunday night, tech giants including: Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Netflix, and Intel filed a court motion to oppose Trump’s travel ban. Three other non-tech companies include: Kind snacks, Chobani yogart and Levi Strauss. All three companies were founded by immigrants.

Of all the industries in America, tech companies have been the most vocal regarding the controversial travel ban since much of its success is due to U.S. immigration. Their court motion cites:

Immigrants make many of the Nation’s greatest discoveries, and create some of the country’s most innovative and iconic companies. At the same time, America has long recognized the importance of protecting ourselves against those who would do us harm. But it has done so while maintaining the fundamental commitment to welcoming immigrants — through increased background checks and other controls on people seeking to enter our country.

According to CNN, Amazon and Expedia believe the immigration ban will hurt employees and businesses. Hence, both filed motions in Washington attorney general’s lawsuit last week.

On Thursday, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick also stepped down from Trump’s business advisory council. Kalanick wrote in a memo to his employees:

The executive order is hurting many people in communities all across America. Families are being separated, people are stranded overseas and there’s a growing fear the U.S. is no longer a place that welcomes immigrants.

Both Uber and Lyft are included in the list of 97 companies who filed motion on Sunday.

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