How Slovenia Tourism Celebrated Melania Trump As U.S. First Lady


Over the weekend, Melania Trump became the First Lady of the United States. Her hometown of Sevnica, Slovenia feted over three days with lots food, wine and free tours.

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According to The Associated Press, Sevnica Mayor Srecko Ocvirk explained that locally produced items, including: sausages and wine, were on display in the 12th-century castle which is situated above Old town.

We want to mark it with nice, appropriate products.

In a small city where 5,000 people reside, Sevnica also offered free guided tours throughout the city. The city’s website now shows, “Welcome to the homeland of the new First Lady of the United States of America!”

Melania Trump was raised in Sevnica, but left the city in her 20’s to become a model. At 18, she signed with a modeling agency in Milan, Italy. The last time she visited there was in July 2002, when she brought President Donald Trump to meet her parents.

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