Inside Planes Full Of “Nasty Women” Ready For March On Washington


U.S. President Donald Trump may have been inaugurated, but hundreds of thousands of women along with commercial airlines are showing support for the Women’s March On Washington set for Saturday, Jan 21.

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On Thursday, Southwest Airline crew showed support by switching on pink lights for cabins full of women attending the march which expected an impressive turnout of 200,000 people.


Hollywood has been outspoken about the new President. Actress Amy Schumer has been documented her flight to the nation’s capital on her Instastory while comedienne Chelsea Handler is also determined to march, along with actress Charlize Theron, in Park City, Utah where Sundance Film Festival is currently being held.

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Airlines are showing support of solidarity in different ways. Twitter user @FlorBlake shared a clip from Spirit Airlines flight to Balitmore where a flight attendant asked,

I just want to know, how many of you are going to the March on Washington? You guys are going to the Women’s March, right? Let’s get a round of applause for all the nasty women on board. 

She continued, “Stay safe, stay hydrated, have a good time, watch out for your fellow sisters. Just remember, we don’t take no ‘ish’ from no man.”

Here are some more photos of women standing together, ready to extend a powerful message:

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