Japanese Toilets Will Be Less Confusing For Travelers With New Set Of Icons


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Some may say, the most confusing thing about visiting Japan is in its WCs. The toilets, and the local government have heard your frustration. They’re actually doing something about it.

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First, the Japanese are world renowned for their impeccable organizational skills. In preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, there’s indeed a Restroom Industry Association in Japan. And they’re making sure no one spends an extra minute in the restrooms, wondering which button to press. The association explained in a press release,

When foreign tourists use public toilets such as at hotels and sightseeing facilities, it is difficult to understand the operation buttons.

Because if you’ve been to Japan, you remember those futuristic toilets that come with a gazillion buttons with kanji characters that you simply couldn’t comprehend. Press the wrong one, and suddenly the toilet sings. With orchestra in the background music too.

To make their toilets more tourist-friendly, Japan’s Restroom Industry Association has made a set of new icons that everyone can understand, Think, emojis – toilet edition.

There are eight of them, to be exact: toilet lid opening/closing, toilet seat opening/closing, large flush, small flush, backside wash, bidet wash, dryer and stop.

According to Gizmodo, this comes after 25% tourists admitted they didn’t know how to operate a Japanese-style toilet in a survey conducted in 2014.

Photos: Japan’s Restroom Industry Association

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