When 3 Billion Trips Will Be Made In China During Lunar New Year…


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Lunar New Year is here again (January 28th is Lunar New Year,) which means human migration in China is looming.

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Every year, billions of Chinese pack their bags and fly, train, drive across the country to spend New Year’s back home. For many, this is the only chance they return to their hometowns throughout the year.

During this festive time, bus stations, airports, train stations are jam-packed with people. Spanning from Jan 13 to Feb 21, Chinese New Year is a 40-day travel period overflowed by an estimated 2.98 billion trips which is also a 2% increase from last year, according to XinHuaNet.com.

If you find yourself in China during this congested time, here are a few tips to avoid major shoulder rubs:

  1. Avoid rail stations if you can.
  2. Plan your travels ahead
  3. Stay home!
  4. Layer your clothes if you’re heading out. China is cold!!

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