Check Out Breathtaking Pics From The First Underwater Museum In Europe


Jason deCaires Taylor / CACT Lanzarote

Under the Sea! Off the coast of Lanzarote, which is near the Spanish Canary Islands was the opening of Museo Atlántico yesterday. It’s also Europe’s first underwater museum.

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According to EuroNews, it features British eco-sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor‘s life-size artworks that double as a giant artificial reef. Moreover, 300+ sculptures are made of pH-neutral materials designed to coexist with marine life.

During the exhibition opening, deCaires Taylor stated:

Pieces of the exhibition, installed in February 2016, have already enjoyed visits from angel sharks, shoals of barracuda, sardines, octopus, marine sponges, and a butterfly stingray,” the European news channel reported. The site is about 46 feet deep, and visitors can explore it by snorkeling or scuba diving. The museum is suitable for families, but there are some age and health restrictions.

I hope that the Museo Atlántico of Lanzarote represents an entry point to a different world and promotes a better understanding of our precious marine environment and of how much we depend on it.

There is something quite stoic and eerily beautiful about these pieces underwater. Many of them symbolize current events, including Europe’s refugee crisis. Here are some amazing photos you can check out, if you can’t physically make it to the museum.

Jason deCaires Taylor / CACT Lanzarote

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