18+ Washington D.C. Restaurants Will Donate Inauguration Weekend Profits To Charities


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As US citizens go through mixed feelings about inauguration weekend this year, local DC community is using the opportunity to give back.

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There was no doubt that Trump administration caused major controversies during and after campaign season. From January 20 to 22, aka: inauguration weekend, All In Service campaign wants to remind the nation of “fundamentals of hospitality.” It will ensure profits made from 18+ restaurants will be donating to organizations including Human Rights CampaignPlanned Parenthoodayuda (helping immigrants), Martha’s Table, Thrive DC and Mary’s Center (provide health care, education for the needy.)

According to The Washingtonianlocal restaurants considered shutting their doors during the weekend but some, like Korean restaurant Mandu will stay open to promote positive change. Owner Danny Lee explains:

People all around the community, they would hear from other people or just patrons [saying], ‘Oh man, all the restaurants should just do a blackout and close.’ That goes against the concept of what we do for a living… We’re in the hospitality industry. 

Sarah Massey, Pr representative working with All in Service’s co-organizers Alaina Dyne and Amanda Carpenter, said the campaign is more about bringing the community together rather than picking a political side. She said:

We know that tens of thousands of people are coming into the District for that weekend. There are going to be Trump supporters coming into town, and there are going to be protestors.

Regardless, donating to charities is definitely something we’ll always support!

What are your plans during inauguration weekend? Share with us in the comments.

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