How Globalization Opened Doors For Online Gambling


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Back in the day, in order to fulfill the dream of winning big, we had to fly to Vegas or Monaco. Since the 1990s, the games have changed. Literally! From land-based casinos to gaming online on websites such as, globalization has transformed the way people and travelers experience gaming from anywhere in the world.

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Despite legislations and lawsuit challenges, studies show that an estimated eight million people participated in online gaming by 2001 with continued growth. As indicated in Business Wire, the United States online gambling market is expected to exceed USD $4 billion by 2020. Furthermore, in the UK where some of the most open gambling laws in the world exist, the British have some of the safest online casinos in the world.

The online gambling industry entered its official 20th year of existence this year. It’s been a thriving market mainly because online gaming in the UK is well regulated, which means it’s also some of the fairest online casinos to play on. From sports to cards, all forms of games require certification by the Gambling Commission.

Other added conveniences have made online gambling more appealing than land-based casinos. In the UK, the major gambling sites accept various credit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal, which are considered standard forms of payment now. Moreover, they even accept eChecks and eWallets.

Also, players don’t have to pay taxes on iGaming winnings in the UK. According to Forbes, the reason is that it wouldn’t produce any revenue. If the government taxed winning bets, they would need to provide tax relief on losing bets as well, which would be a revenue loss. Let’s not forget to mention, any online casinos based in the UK offer play in GBP, which is one more added practicality for those who prefer to play with the British Pound.

As the world becomes more globalized, it’s clear the rise and popularity of online casinos will become inevitable. The thrill is no longer a flight away but at the touch of our fingertips. Who’s ready to roll, or click, the dice?

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