Jetset Times Brand Ambassador Program Application


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Here’s how you can join our Brand Ambassador Program! In an email to Amanda at, please include your:


University/school if applicable:


Country of Residence:

Instagram Link/number of followers:

Twitter Link/number of followers:

Facebook Link:

And please copy and paste these questions in an email, and answer the following questions:

Tell us why you want to be a Jetsetter!

Where was the coolest place you have traveled to and why?

What was the strangest travel experience you’ve ever had?

If chosen to be a Jetsetter, how would you help promote Jetset Times?

What’s one thing you know you will bring to the Jetset team?

What’s something new that Jetset Times should be doing?

Attach one photo of you during your travels.

Thanks for applying, you will hear from us soon!

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