CES 2014: 5 Tech Devices Making Our Travels Easier And WAY Better


CES 2014 las vegas

It’s that time of the year again, everyone has gathered in Las Vegas for one of the biggest trade shows in the world: CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Even back in my twenties, spending two stressful weeks in Vegas setting up and tearing down on the tradeshow floor sounded brutal. As much as I love the city, no one should ever be allowed to spend more than a weekend in Vegas. Any longer than that is beyond outright cruelty!

Besides the pressure and craziness that every company goes through during CES, the rest of the world gets to check out some of the most innovative advancements made to improve our lives. This year’s trend undoubtedly lies in wearable technology (hello, smartwatch!) And many new inventions in this arena absolutely apply to any traveler’s lifestyle. Here, we take a look at 5 tech devices revealed at CES 2014 that will change our life on-the-go!

Oh yes, technology rules.

1. Chevy’s 4G LTE

Roadtrips will never be the same again! At CES, it was revealed that Chevy’s 2015 vehicles will not only have 4G internet on the dashboard, they will also include a Chevrolet AppShop where drivers can access travel apps, music, podcasts at free of charge. In addition to the regulars (NPR, iHeartRadio, Slacker…etc.) Chevrolet AppShop will also feature Priceline.com app that allows drivers to book hotels, a Weather Channel app for climate updates, and car concierge services with Cityseeker and Eventseeker.  We seriously cannot wait for 2015 to come and got on a trip across the US! Route 66, anyone?

chevrolet ces tech app

2. The June Bracelet

Wouldn’t it be nice when you’re laying on the beach in the Caribbean (ahem, just happened!) and a gadget can notify you to apply SPF or to put on a hat? The June Bracelet does just that! One of the hottest items for female travelers at CES this year is: Netatmo’s The June Bracelet, created by French jewelry designer Camille Toupet. The bracelet on your wrist measures sun intensity in real time and monitors your total daily sun exposure. Protecting from UV rays, June bracelet helps any traveler avoid sun damage and prevent premature skin aging.

the june bracelet ces tech gadget

Image: topnews.in

3. Bio-Tracking Socks by Heapsylon

Don’t you hate it when your gym isn’t worldwide, and you need to find new ways to workout or track how well you’re doing? Fear no more! Heapsylon’s new Bio-Tracking Socks is all the rage. These amazing socks allow athletic travelers and fitness enthusiasts to track indicators such as heart rate, cadence, foot landing technique, biometric data and distance ran. The data is sent to a smartphone where the wearer can track the information and get actionable information about performance. So forget about those old machines at your gym, with bio-tracking socks in your luggage, you’re set!

bio tracking socks ces tech gadget

4. Tao Exercise Gadget

Just sitting on the plane and needing to burn some calories at the same time, or waiting at the boarding gate and feeling guilty for that pizza you just devoured. No worries! Tao is coming to the rescue. It’s a handheld device (also comes with an app) that’s shaped smaller than a palm. The gadget combines gaming element to 50 isometrics exercises that are based on applying pressure, similar to yoga and pilates. Save your back and don’t go crazy on that plane, bring Tao with you to burn off some calories!

tao exercise ces tech gadget

Image: the-gadgeteer.com

5. Pebble Steel

The world’s most talked about smartwatch got a shiny makeover! Pebble started on Kickstarter now comes in both brushed stainless and black matte. It has several new features, such as: waterproof (perfect for swimming, diving and showers) and an extended battery life (up to 7 days). The original watch that displayed messages from your smartphone now has an updated Pebble app store, which will be available at the end of January.

pebble smartwatch ces tech app


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