13 GIFs To Keep You Giggling Through Giant Winter Blizzards


storm blizzard winterChange of plans! As giant storm hits Northeast of the U.S. today, more than 3,500 domestic flights have been canceled. Just in Chicago O’Hare airport, more than 650 cancellations and the same amount of delays have occurred. Other airports most affected by the monster storm include: Newark’s Liberty International Airport, New York’s LaGuardia and Cleveland’s Hopkins. Getting stuck in any of those will not be fun, especially if you’re not a fan of long lines and jibber-jabber with strangers.

Monster storm is locking in 22 states and 100 million people in their homes. Yup, that’s a third of the country needing to find ways to have fun in midst of bitter cold. Those in Massachusetts and New York better watch out, blizzard seems to be hitting easter Long Island and Massachusetts coast the worst. Then it’ll most likely hit those in the Midwest.

Just in case if you’re all stuck somewhere, here are some LOL-able GIFs to kick off a freezing cold weekend! Take care, guys. Stay warm!

1. Run in the Forest. RUN!!!!

Via bad-bloodd.tumblr

2. Lord of the rings & frostbites…yikes!

Via shamelessly-romantic2.tumblr

3. Aww, Bart getting bullied by Hercules.

Via blog.giphy.com/

4. Super Mario gone Mr. Blizzard!

Via theslowpokewell.tumblr

5. Drake, bravin’ the cold, still doin’ his thang! 

Via eyepissglitter.tumblr

6. Good grief! Now this looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas!

Via greatestgifsofalltime.tumblr

7. Move over Lindsey Vonn. This ostrich’s got you good.

Via whatgiftoday.tumblr

8. Hercules…you crazy thing, you!

Via mikerugnetta.tumblr

9. So visually confused. How can a blizzard nightmare look so fabulously beautiful?

Via druggie.tumblr

10. Boston looks wicked trippy.

Via boomboomxxx.tumblr

11. England, forever gorgeous, even in the blizzard cold.

Via 100percentgarbage.tumblr

12. NYC’s UpperWest is freezing but keeping it real classy in black & white.

Via seanbot.tumblr

13. Be safe out there, everyone! 

Via dreaming-of-highways.tumblr, Top image: Pinterest



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