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So you’ve moved to a new city and have finally settled into the perfect apartment. Of course, you want to make it feel like home, so you decide on changing the interior color to your favorite shade of beige. Hard-pressed for time, you abstain from doing it yourself. To find your perfect painter, you’ll probably go onto Google or grab the nearest Yellow Pages (remember those fat books on your doorstep?). You’ll look through directories, jot down a couple of prospective contacts, and then start calling them. You might spend anywhere from five to fiveteen minutes with each, explaining what you need and what you’re willing to pay. After a jumble of research, you’ll sit back and take a breath, maybe eat something. Then you’ll come back to the ever-so-exciting task of booking your perfect painter

Thumbtack techIf this seems like an exhausting series of events, well, it is. This is the traditional way to hire a gardener or carpenter, and it’s a wonder why, in this age of innovation, booking everyday services aren’t so easy. Thumbtack, the evergrowing marketplace for services, is set out on doing just this. Often referred to as the  “Amazon of services,” Thumbtack makes the process of researching and booking quick and painless.

The next time you need a Dj for your grandma’s 90th birthday, forget your directories and head straight to Thumbtack. Enter what you need, and refine your results by giving specific details on what you’re looking for, when your event is, and more. When you’ve found the perfect listing, you can book straight on the site—yep, I know, magic right? Currently, Thumbtack is available only in the United States, but with its growing service and user community, it could sweep the globe before we know. Find every service from singing lessons to martial arts training to legal advising here, and never turn a yellow page again.


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