Tech Tuesday: With Tile, Never, Ever, Lose Your Stuff Again



There’s nothing worse than roaming the streets of Rome (had to do it!) to find that a quick handed pickpocketer has left you without your iPhone, wallet, and most troublesomely, your passport. What normally would result in a tearful scramble to the nearest American embassy, and a so long [forever] to your prized possessions can now be avoided, thanks to Tile, the little invention that will help you find your belongings and save you from potential heartache. About the size of a large postage stamp, Tiles are thin plastic squares enabled with GPS. You can attach one to virtually anything you might lose–passport, phone, wallet, or pet hamster–and the Tile app will track it down.

tile tech appAs someone who is prone to leaving behind phones and misplacing keys, I was thrilled when I first learned of the invention, a true answer to my prayers and I am sure, to those of many like me. My favorite feature of Tiles is their sounding capability, so that you can listen for their ring to locate your items. And just when you thought your keys were washed away for good into the clear waters of Greece, Tile can track that too—yup, they’re waterproof!

Tile saves you the heart wrenching pain of losing your camera and the thousand Euro-trip pictures it holds, helping you dodge one of the most frustrating traveling misfortunes. The next time you go on vacation, put one in your wallet, your purse, and heck, even in your best friend’s pocket if you think you might lose her while climbing the wondrous steps of Machu Picchu.

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2 Comments on “Tech Tuesday: With Tile, Never, Ever, Lose Your Stuff Again”

  1. September 24, 2013 at 6:10 pm #

    omg I NEED this!

  2. November 27, 2013 at 3:18 am #

    i canot leave my family my 3sun wife,mother is very inporten in my heat becouse 10year a go i loss my father now mother i also dont no how she is old me soo no otak i cannot say every any thik want people to bilive me agait i very sory to say to my mother ,brother,anf my 2 sister ,so u say how i can leave here sorry and i want to say sorry to all furtune people i am so sorry is me i am wrong and 1 thik i want to ask the story say my mother face is went or any think i cannot min write want u say fill minint let me no thank you my story.

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