Rome Italy

10 Reasons To Plan A Roman Holiday Stat

BY KATIE HABIG Known as the Eternal City, Rome is home to a wealth of culture, history, and art – and in my opinion the most delicious food in ...

Uber app United Airlines

United Airlines Becomes The First Airline To Offer Uber

BY TEAM JST Sick of waiting in the taxi line at the airport? You can now Uber straight from United Airline’ mobile app! On the app’s menu or in the “My Reservations” section, ...

Amsterdam Hotel Sofitel Grand

EXCLUSIVE! Fit For A King, A Night At The Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY  There is a place in Amsterdam that sits untouched from the passing of time, a jewel lodged in one of the oldest areas of the canal city. ...

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Buenos Aires city map

8 Buenos Aires Neighborhoods: A Breakdown Made For Travelers

BY WENDY HUNG The beautiful Buenos Aires is officially divided into 48 barrios (districts). ...
Maserati North America Alfieri

Maserati Turns 100 And Stuns At Monterey Car Week

BY TEAM JST Maserati celebrated its 100th Anniversary in grand style at Monterey ...
drink advisor tech app

Tech Tuesday: The Best City Apps Roundup

BY DAWN FLEMING In the past, exploring new places always required ...
cafe gratitude los angeles restaurant

Taste LA’s Gourmet Vegan Cuisine That’s Spreading Its Wings

BY TEAM JST In the last decade, we’ve seen sustainable eating trending in ...

10 Instagram iPhonographers We Sweat Hard Right Now

BY LENA KAZER 1. MuradOsmann Known for his famous hashtag, #FollowMeTo, Murad Osmann ...
Malabar Restaurant Lima Peru

Peru Buzz: 6 Lima Restaurants You Shouldn’t Miss

BY WENDY HUNG Gastronomy in Lima is not only rising with global talents, ...
VW golf car roadtrip

How The New Fuel-Friendly 2015 VW Golf Is Perfect For Roadtripping

BY TEAM JST Who wants to pay extra bucks for gas? Nobody! In ...
Dorothy Parker Poet

7 Poems That Will Inspire You To Travel

BY JERRY LEON It is invariably the case that all travelers ...
Shenzhen tailor shop 3

Get Fitted In Shenzhen Without Spending A Fortune

BY DRISANA MISRA The 5th floor of the Lo Wu Shopping Mall in ...
The Highland dallas hotel

The New & Improved Hotel Palomar Dallas You’ll Want To Check Into

BY TEAM JST Dallas is no longer a city known for cowboy boots ...
Travel Essentials Annie Gray

A Love Letter To My Traveling Essentials

BY ANNIE GRAY Packing for a trip is always an eye opening ...
2014-08 Founder's Note French Connections

August Founder’s Note: French Connections

BY WENDY HUNG In the Chinese culture, we often speak about 緣份 ...

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Tenggerese shamen celebrating the festival near a temple

10 Spectacular Images Celebrating Yadnya Kasada Festival In Indonesia

BY TEAM JST Demotix Right in between two touristic cities, Jakarta and Bali, the Java mountains prevail, especially on the 14th day of the Kasada Month in the traditional Hindu lunar calendar. The Yadnya Kasada Festival, as the locals call it, is a ceremony honoring the God Almighty, Sang HyangWidhi, along with Roro Anteng, daughter of King Majapahit, […]

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Catalina Island California

The Art Of The Staycation – Straight Ahead!

BY DAWN FLEMING Many of us get that itch to travel to a new country and explore places we’ve always dreamed of visiting. For me, that place will always be Paris. Rain or shine, Paris always seems to have a magical glow that keeps you wanting more. Unfortunately, many of us don’t always have the […]

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Robin Williams

10 Robin Williams Quotes Every Traveler Lives By

BY WENDY HUNG Today, the world is mourning. For every one of us who melted when Aladdin finally turned to his partner in crime and said, “You’re free, Genie.” For all of us who wished we had a teacher just as cool as John Keating. It was him, who made us decipher poetry then perpetually live with the […]

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lambert's bbq austin texas

A Round-Up Of Lick Your Lips Good BBQ In Austin,Texas

BY KATIE HABIG If you’re a fan of good food, specifically BBQ, drop what you’re doing and head to Austin, Texas. As the live music capital of the world and inventor of the slogan “Keep Austin Weird,” this city is a trending vacation destination. Along with killer live music, a booming tech scene, and numerous […]

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Schiller Water Bike

Tech Tuesday! 7 Reasons To Gush Over This Revolutionary Water Bike

BY TEAM JST After Labor Day, don’t be surprised if you start seeing these cool bikes on waterways near your favorite beaches! Manufactured in Northern California, the new Schiller Bike combines state-of-the-art engineering and design, bringing a new way of biking experience onto the ocean waves. Made by Schiller Sports, each bike will cost $6,495 and each will […]

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1. tourist Chicago

How To Be A City Guide That’ll Blow Your Visitor’s Mind

BY LENA KAZER Whenever friends of mine decide to come visit me in Chicago, my reaction is always the same: excitement, followed immediately by terror. My head begins to spin with all of the things we have to do, and how little time we have to eat it all – deep dish, hot dogs, Italian […]

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Barcelona Excursion Spain

Best Of Barcelona: An Unforgettable Excursion On The Mediterranean

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY While it’s fun to do the usual shopping, food tasting, and sight seeing in a big city, the best travel experiences are often made away from the commotion and flood of tourists. One of the most foolproof ways to enjoy a place is to venture into the great outdoors and revel in […]

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