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A Photographer’s Experience Inspiring Us To Volunteer Travel

Photo: Nicholas Giombi/Photographers Without Borders Below is an interview originally posted on Photographers Without Borders, with their permission, we’re sharing Nicholas’ story in Bocas del Toro at Give and Surf, ...

Associated Press Ahn Young-Joon gloria steinem dmz

How Gloria Steinem & Female Activists Crossed Koreas’ DMZ

BY JST NEWS Photo: Associated Press/Ahn Young-Joon If you’re unfamiliar with the DMZ, know that it stands for Korean Demilitarized Zone – a strip of land running across the Korean Peninsula. At the ...

katy perry betty who mashup

10 Australian Artists To Listen To, Based On Your Favorite Bands

BY EVAN MOLINEUX Here is a list of 10 of Australia’s best artists either currently killing the music game or having been on the scene for years, based on the ...

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gigi hadid kendall jenner monaco

Models Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Chanel Iman Cruisin’ Monaco

BY TEAM JST We love you @lewishamilton. Everyone knows you da champ. ...
Sitges Spain solo travel

Why I Can’t Wait To Solo Travel This Summer

BY WENDY HUNG Photo: Sitges, Spain While I’ve been spending time in Taipei ...

What Will New Emojis Reveal About Your Travel Life

BY JST NEWS Emoji-lovers, get excited! According to Yahoo Tech, Unicode Consortium, the ...
Facebook Anne Frank House

Why It’s Important To Visit Sites Of Human Tragedies

BY NADIA CHO Photo: Auschwitz Memorial / Muzeum Auschwitz Not every travel destination ...
Jessica Alba China

Jessica Alba Is Giving Us Major Jetset Inspiration From China

BY TEAM JST #JackMa y'all Global Women's Conference #hangzhou #Alibaba @honest #entrepreneurlife ...
23 Brewery Company Taiwan guys

Meet The Guys In Taiwan Making Tasty Craft Beers We’re Buzzing About

BY WENDY HUNG A few weeks ago, I met the guys behind ... white house

Google Maps Finds Solution For Shocking Racist Results

BY JST NEWS How often do we use Google Maps while traversing ... Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Your Friendships Abroad Via Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs

BY AMANDA RODRIGUES Abroad friendships are strange.  I’m using strange in the ...
coffee cup illustration tokyo

These Fun Coffee Cups Showcase Panoramic Illustrations Of Tokyo

BY TEAM JST The Imperial Palace #皇居 #東京 #日本 #tokyo #japan #coffeeart ...
Flickr OiMax Tokyo Japan

20 Must-Do’s That Guarantee Your Best Tokyo Moments

BY WENDY HUNG Photo: Flickr/OiMax Colorful. Vibrant. Fascinating. Quirky. Extreme. Contradicting. Polite. ...
Dublin mural gay marriage

Incredible Murals Spotted Around Ireland Supporting Gay Marriage

BY JST NEWS I spent the weekend just outside Galway taking photos ...
public bicycle

Spokes In The City: 7 Reasons To Start Riding Dirty

BY LENA KAZER Urban biking is anything but a passing trend. Here’s ...

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2701 Broadway St, San Francisco

Inside The Most Expensive Home In San Francisco

BY TEAM JST The next time you head to San Francisco, the Painted Ladies might not be the only houses you’ll want to gaze from the outside. The most expensive home for sale in the City by the Bay for the past seven months was on the market for $39 million. Now, it’s no longer available […]

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Cherry nails Taipei

Nail Art Trends You’ll See In Asia This Summer

BY WENDY HUNG Another season, another trip for outrageous nail art! Except this time, the trend isn’t so…outrageous! Ladies: If you’ll be in Asia, why not glamorize your nails to the max in countries that are much more fashion-forward in the nail design department? If you want to vamp up the tips of your fingers, get […]

Continue Reading Credits- NSIDC:Ted Scambos antarctica ice shelf

Why You Should Care Antarctic Ice Shelf Will Be Gone By 2020

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube Besides the fact that Antarctica is on many travelers’ bucket lists, did you know half of the world’s population live in coastal lands. So what we’re about to tell you…matters. Big time. According to a new study performed by NASA, Larsen B Ice Shelf – one of the last remaining sections […]

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Fashion At The Races: It’s That Time Of Year

Horse racing is a unique sport in that for many people it’s as much about culture as the actual contests. Yes, major races showcase sensational athletic talent on the part of the horses, not to mention immense skill from breeders, trainers, and jockeys. However, what makes horse racing so enjoyable as a spectator sport is […]

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Prince Harry New Zealand crocodile 10

Meet Prince Harry: The Crocodile Dundee

BY JST NEWS Prince Harry’s adventurous side is on full throttle! As part of his visit with the Australian Defense Force, the Prince of Wales has been jetsetting around South Pacific. His latest venture: hunting then wrestling a 10-foot crocodile. SEE ALSO: This Man Suffered Seizure During Skydiving In Australia The excitement occurred in Northern Territory’s Darwin […]

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Stolpman Vineyards santa ynez valley g2g

5 Delightful Wine Tasting Rooms In California’s Santa Ynez Valley

BY WENDY HUNG Photo: Facebook/Stolpman Vineyards In a few months, I’ll be joining my friends from Paris on a road trip along the California coast. There’s one place in the great golden state that I’m adamant about securing on the itinerary. An hour north of Santa Barbara is a hidden gem particularly exciting for winos: Santa Ynez Valley. Rustic, […]

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WifiMapper app

This App Will Solve The Most Annoying Part Of Traveling

BY TEAM JST If you’re just like us here on Team JST, the most annoying part about traveling HAS to be not having Wi-Fi on a 24-hour basis. Not only is the quest to look for internet cafes challenging at times (try doing so in developing countries,) walking into a restaurant solely to ask for the Wi-Fi password […]

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