featured photo Keagon Voyce language barrier

The Reality of Language Barriers

BY MACEAGON VOYCE Three young Indian men soliciting my travel companion Marios in Hindi at the Amber Fort in Jaipur. Language barriers are a daunting impediment to travel, and there’s ...

featured 10 commendments bratty traveler 1

10 Commandments To Avoid Talking Like A Bratty Traveler

BY LIZZY MONROE I have, on more than one occasion, found myself in a situation where I was unintentionally extremely obnoxious. Since I love to travel, I also love to talk ...

pinterest neon nashville

Inside The City Of Neon Lights: Nashville

BY SCHUYLER ARAKAWA There are neon lights, everywhere. The fluorescent colors welcoming me into “Crossroads, Music City.” But these bright lights are nothing like what lights up the nights of ...

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nbcnews.com south korea ferry

South Korea Ferry Disaster: Hundreds Missing, Several Dead

BY HYUNG-JIN KIM and YOUKYUNG LEE SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — A ferry ...
Give and Surf Panama 9

How Give & Surf’s Neil Christiansen Chases Dreams And Waves

BY LENA KAZER We’ve all heard the age-old advice that the key ...
pinterest tortilla

[RECIPE] Bringing Travel Home: Make Your Own Spanish Tortilla

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY One of the best things about travel is food, ...
Insight Cuba 2

How To Save Up To $300 For A Trip To…Cuba!

BY TEAM JST More people want to visit Cuba than you think, and ...
Jason travel before new job 2

Why You Should Travel Before Starting Your Next Job

BY JASON CANTER Take a break, you deserve it!  You will not ...
Turquoise water against white stones and high cliffs, Santorini in the Greek Isles is on the top of the list of many wedding planners' destination. And they're spot on!

SWOON! 18 Of Spring’s Romantic Destinations

BY WENDY HUNG Flowers bloom, the leaves turn green and waters around the ...
jaunted.com Google Travel

Google Travel: How It’s Gonna Work

BY WENDY HUNG According to World Travel and Tourism Council, the spending on ...
Cementerio De La Recoleta, Buenos Aires 3

Cementerio De La Recoleta: A Buenos Aires Must-See

BY HAILEE DONOGHUE Before even stepping foot within this gorgeous cemetery a ...
featured travel like favorite emoji

Travel Like Your Favorite Emoji!

BY WENDY HUNG Be honest, you know you can’t send a proper text ...
AVE living shared bike

How To Squeeze In Outdoor Fitness Like A Corporate Travel Pro

BY TEAM JST When corporate travelers are polled about the stresses of business ...
featured Lookbook Madrid

Madrid Lookbook: A Fabulous Place To Live

BY NADIA CHO Madrid seems to be an underrated city when compared to ...
Batimore chef foraging Fleet Street Kitchen

Baltimore Trend: Chefs Take Off Aprons For Wild Edibles In The Forest

BY TEAM JST Foraging, a growing trend, has chefs taking off their whites, ...

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Kramerbooks: A Book Lover’s Dream Come True In Washington DC

BY FABIOLA PEREZ  As a little girl, my favorite place to travel to was not Hong Kong or Istanbul—it was the bookstore. It was a place where I could travel without leaving the country, where I could escape into a number of worlds in a matter of seconds. I’d always prefer the smell of a freshly […]

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tumblr backpacker travel

5 Simple Tips For A Worry Free Trip

BY JERRY LEON For many prospective travelers, the thought of leaving home to explore the world is a dream that, far too often, goes unrealized.  Concerns over safety, theft, or personal harm, can deter even the most ambitious person from embarking on a journey of a lifetime.  Although these are questions that deserve your full […]

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eco-friendly fashion 2

Eco-Friendly Clothes We Can’t Wait To Travel With

BY WENDY HUNG It’s that time of the week again, #FashionFriday! In honor of Earth Day coming up, I thought it’d be fun to dedicate an article to sustainability and one of the most overused words of the century: organic. Eco-friendly in fashion has been such a trendy buzzword during the last few years, I’ve admittedly grown numb […]

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Virgin America airline

British Airways, Virgin Airlines Double Flights For Skiers, Biz Travelers

BY TEAM JST With more people arriving to SXSW festival each year, it’s clear that Austin has become the Silicon Valley of Texas. Even major airlines are taking notice. Virgin America, based in California, first introduced the service between two major innovation capitals – Austin and San Francisco – back in May 2013. This week, it […]

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instagram.com hostel people

The 5 People You Will Meet In Hostels

BY CARLY BRAND  Hostels are a beacon of backpacker knowledge and a social hub for every traveler. As you walk through their physical doors, and more importantly their metaphorical ones, you have entered your home for the next couple of nights or the next couple of weeks. While some people choose to never move out, […]

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Trippin At Every Age A

Trippin’ At Every Age: Amazing Amsterdam

BY WENDY HUNG It’s no surprise that Amsterdam is many travelers’ favorite city to visit. But we all love it for wildly different reasons as Amsterdam is clearly a “high-ly” multifaceted destination. Art (Van Gogh, Rijksmuseum), gastronomy (blocks of Michelins stars), history (must stop by Anne Frank’s house), scenery (parks, canals, cathedrals…oh my), and awesomely unstoppable music. Did I mention that shopping […]

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Innocence Island Bahamas

A Jetsetter’s Paradise! How This Private Island Can Be Yours

BY TEAM JST Bahamas‘ Innocence Island is up for grabs! Originally offered for $55M, the island will be auctioned on May 15th at Trump SoHo New York. The property will sell to the highest bidder at or above a $10M reserve. Located in the Bahamas’ exclusive Exuma chain of islands, Innocence Island features a spectacular residence, long stretches of beach, and 681 acres of […]

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