Patan Durbar Square, Nepal

4 Gorgeous Nepalese Sites Shattered By The Quake

BY WENDY HUNG For a country which heavily relied its economy on a thriving tourism industry, it’s unbearable to think future travelers to Nepal might need to wait for a long while before ...

Catholic Relief Services Facebook Nepal Earthquake

2 Modern Ways Connecting Missing Travelers In Nepal & Loved Ones

BY TEAM JST Travelers in the Nepal area: there are 2 modern ways for you to spread the word about your safety status. For families of these travelers, the world’s biggest tech ...

Flickr Ralph Arvesen Olympic National Park Washington

THIS Is Why Olympic National Park Is Best Of The Pacific Northwest

BY EVAN MOLINEUX Photo: Flickr/Wonderlane Two hours west of Seattle, three hours north of Portland and located on the infamous Highway 101 is one of the United State’s most beautiful ...

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video avalanche nepal earthquake

[Watch Video] Deadly Avalanche At Mount Everest Base Camp

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube You’ve been warned: this video contains graphic ...
World Vision Facebook Pray for Nepal

11 Organizations Needing Your Support For Earthquake Victims In Nepal

BY WENDY HUNG Having just returned from Nepal two months ago, it ...
Four Seasons Photography Shoot April 2015_Kirsten Holst

This Is About To Become Your New Private Jet Experience

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube They say: fly high. So, how about ...
Flickr Maurizio Costanzo Ecuador

Ecuador Tips & Tricks: Every FYI You Need To Know

BY JERRY ALONZO LEON Photo: Flickr/Maurizio Costanzo There is much to love ...
ASTRID DI CROLLALANZA-GETTY IMAGES eiffel tower apartment paris

Wait, There’s A Plush Apartment Inside The Eiffel Tower?

BY TEAM JST Bet you never knew that as you climb up those ...
Flickr punctuated Germany street food

10 Delicious Street Foods You HAVE To Eat In Berlin!

BY NADIA CHO Photo: Flickr/punctuated German cuisine is more than just brats ...
Denmark flag

Denmark’s New Law Puts A Stop To Animal-Sex Tourism

BY JST NEWS Bestiality, aka: a paraphilia involving a sexual fixation on animals, ...
Grand Hyatt Taipei Grand Room_Twin_Room

EXCLUSIVE! Grand Hyatt Taipei Has Its Glory Back, And It’s Calling Your Name

BY WENDY HUNG On Thursday night, Asia will see a very different Grand ...
harry heart perth australia

What It’s Really Like Touring In Australia With Harry Heart

BY TEAM JST About a month ago, Australian musician Harry Heart reached ...
Flickr Raúl González run Barcelona Spain

5 Gorgeous Spots In Barcelona That Aren’t Boring Runs

BY AMANDA RODRIGUES Photo: Flickr/Raúl González Whether you’re staying for six months ...
KCNA Kim Jong-un mountain Paektu 1

Kim Jong-Un On The Correlation Between Trekking & Nuclear Weapons

BY JST NEWS Kim Jong-un is a trekking lover, at least that’s ...
instagram photographer scotland isle of skye

The Brilliance Of 8 Photographers’ Road Trips To Scottish Isle Of Skye

BY TEAM JST Ruairidh. #MovingSkyewards #europcar #Ruairidhsback A photo posted by James ...

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Ryan Western Give & Surf 2

How “Going With The Flow” Inspired This Volunteer Traveler

BY RYAN WESTERN I woke up during my first morning and was directed to a water taxi that would take me to an island from which the school bus water taxi would pick me up. I did not know whom I was to meet, what they looked like, or where I was going immediately or […]

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map taiwan

6.6 Earthquake Shakes Up Locals & Travelers In Taiwan

BY JST NEWS On Monday morning, at 9:42 a.m. local time, a 6.6 earthquake shook the island of Taiwan. The quake lasted for almost 30 seconds, leaving many locals and travelers disoriented. Even for people in Taipei who are accustomed to frequent earthquakes, some were shaken up by swaying buildings that seemed to last much longer than […]

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5. okinawa soba okinawa

Chopsticks Over History Books: 9 Must-Eats Of Okinawa, Japan

BY LENA KAZER When I made the puddle-jump from Taiwan to Okinawa, I knew very little about the impending flavor-lottery I would soon find on the Japanese prefecture. I anticipated engorging myself on raw fish and seaweed, cramming decades of youth-revitalizing vitamins into my body before heading back to the land of white bread and […]

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Facebook Coachella

Top 10 Bands Rocking Your World At Coachella This Year

BY EVAN MOLINEUX Photo: Facebook/Coachella Looking at the Coachella lineup this year, everyone knows that Jack White is going to tear it up, AC/DC is going to be one of the most rocking sing a longs of all time, Florence and the Machine is going to give you chills, and Ratatat are going to melt […]

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G2G Bhutan Banner

15 Must-Do’s You Can’t Miss In Bhutan

BY WENDY HUNG The happiest country in Asia is on your bucket list, but how are you supposed to really DO Bhutan? Most guidebooks will give you too much information, and so far you’ve only heard about the famous Tiger’s Nest. SEE ALSO: Jetset Times Guide To Getaway: Bhutan Here’s a list of incredible must-do’s that will […]

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Gwenn Gwendall french filmmaker

How 2 French Filmmakers Travel The World To Make A Difference

BY JERRY ALONZO LEON There comes a point in a person’s life when the mundane routine of a demanding career, coupled with the social pressure of chasing success while maintaining some semblance of happiness, can unnecessarily conflict with the dreams and passions of one’s heart—it is then that a choice, for the sake of one’s […]

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Facebook Ryanair

Are Off-Duty Airline Staff Allowed Inside Cockpits?

BY JST NEWS It’s no surprise that after the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 into the French Alps, airlines around the globe have prompted stricter cockpit rules. SEE ALSO: Germanwings Crash Prompts Airlines To Change Cockpit Policies On April 3, two passengers who were allegedly off-duty Ryanair staff members were seen making multiple visits to the cockpit during […]

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