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Expedia’s $280 Million Deal To Buy Travelocity

BY JST NEWS Rivals becoming one entity. On Friday, it was officially announced that Expedia has purchased Travelocity from Sabre Corp. for $280 million…in cash. SEE ALSO: Rejoice, Non-iPhone Users: Here’s ...

Elephant trekking Chiangmai Thailand 3

Why Elephant Trekking Should Be OFF Your To Do List

BY LAURA PATERSON Is it the romance that draws so many people towards riding elephants? Or is it the excitement of being so high up on a magnificent creature as ...

INSA gif-iti artist

Meet The Space GIF-iti Artist Beautifying Rio de Janeiro

BY TEAM JST Courtesy: YouTube  “Don’t be afraid to experiment. Don’t be afraid to push an idea. Don’t be afraid to explore it.” Says INSA, a creative genius taking over ...

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Pharrell Williams, Al Gore Taking “Live Earth Concert” To The Next Level

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube 6 continents, 24 hours. This is going ...
Google My Maps Europe trip 2012

Planning A Trip With “Google My Maps” Just Got Better!

BY JERRY LEON   Late in 2014, Google has just revealed that its ...
China restaurant good looking

Would You Enter A Restaurant In China For The “Good Looking”

BY TEAM JST Free meals for good looking, literally. This is the ...
Birmingham Airport England landings

[WATCH] These Landings Might Be Your Worst Nightmare

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube If you’re a traveler who hates takeoffs ...
Lena home homies beer sunset

This Is How You Find Home In Your Homies

BY LENA KAZER Oxford Dictionary defines home as “the place where one ...
Case Mate iPhone 6 case

5 Super Tough iPhone 6 Cases Under $30

BY TEAM JST Adventurists may know a thing or two about cracked ...
Flickr Alex Brown cuban cigar

How Do Revamped U.S. – Cuba Travel Regulations Affect You?

BY JST NEWS U.S. ban on Cuban cigars may very well be ...
Facebook Wild Movie

Why Every Traveler Needs To Go See “Wild”

BY EVAN MOLINEUX Wild is a movie that has recently garnered a ...
Facebook Tatiana Shkondina food stylist van gogh starry night

How A Food Stylist Recreates 12 World Famous Paintings

BY TEAM JST Photo: Facebook/Tatiana Shkondina Van Gogh’s works have never looked this ...
toromewithlove penelope

How To Tour Rome Like A Hollywood Diva

BY NADIA CHO Numerous films set in Rome have instilled spectacular, romantic ...
The Cake Kiev Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine’s New Trendy Spot: The Cake

BY ELIZABETH BEZVERKHA Well said by Mario Antoinette in the late 18th ...
Facebook Hong Kong MTR

Genius Puns Prove Riding Hong Kong’s Metro Can Be Entertaining

BY JST NEWS Photo: Facebook/MTR As one of the most profitable metro systems ...

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10 Boho travel street styles

10 Boho Travel Street Styles (And How To Pull Them Off)

BY LENA KAZER When it comes to fashion, the travelers of the world always have a head start. With each new city comes a barrage of colors, textures, and cuts that inspire a uniquely bohemian travel style. Those who Jetset are exposed to some of the most vibrant and eclectic fashion cities in the world […]

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Facebook Ng Eng Hen singapore defense minister airasia

Singapore Navy Ship Locates Crashed AirAsia QZ850 Fuselage

BY JST NEWS Singapore’s Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen posted on is Facebook page that the country’s navy ship has now located the fuselage of AirAsia’s plane which crashed into the Java Sea. SEE ALSO: Indonesia Declares: AirAsia Flight QZ8501 Wasn’t Licensed To Fly On Wednesday, January 14, 2015, he posted: << Singapore Navy ship locates fuselage of […]

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Kien Lam travel photography YouTube

A San Francisco Photographer’s Sick Video In 15 Countries, 343 Days

BY TEAM JST Courtesy: YouTube In 2010, Kien Lam, a San Francisco photographer, decided to quite his job to travel the world. Thanks to his ravishing photographs, he’s put together time lapse videos that startlingly went viral. Many of us have visited more than 15 countries but how many of us can actually capture 6,286 images as […]

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5 Hot Tracks For Your Indie Rock Jams Road Trip Playlist

BY EVAN MOLINEUX These songs create less of a nostalgic sing a long vibe and more of a sun is out, it’s the middle of the day, let’s do some serious driving kind of a vibe. They are the kind of songs that the less musically literate members of your party will tap you on […]

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iPhone smuggling Hong Kong China

The Insanity Of Smuggling 94 iPhones

BY JST NEWS An Apple codpiece. China customs police catch Hong Kong man with 94 iPhones strapped to body. http://t.co/gM76FwrWUN pic.twitter.com/t5iURGZ8Tq — Chris Buckley 储百亮 (@ChuBailiang) January 12, 2015 What does traveling with 94 iPhones feel like? A man in Hong Kong knows. According to China’s Sina News, a Hong Kong man dressed in red sports […]

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2015-01 Founder's Note Je Suis Charlie featured

January Founder’s Note: #JeSuisCharlie

BY WENDY HUNG Here I am, sitting in the French countryside, in a tiny but wealthy town called Francport, situated in the north of Paris. Not too far away is where two gunmen hid the day after the terror attack before they headed back to Paris and were eventually killed by the French security forces. On […]

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JetBlue video #flightetiquette

JetBlue Teaches #FlightEtiquette In Hilarious Videos

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube So…exactly what is the best way to tell your seat neighbor you need a bathroom break on the plane? JetBlue just released a series of videos telling us what NOT to do. Aka: #FlightEtiquette. SEE ALSO: “Your New Gay Best Friend” Banned From JetBlue After “Mean Girls” Tweets Via this campaign (and hashtag), […]

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