Coffee Commissionary Los Angeles

The Travel Phenomena You Can’t Get Enough Of: Café Culture

BY DAWN FLEMING On my day off from school, I decided to walk down a major street in my LA neighborhood. As I admired the different apartments, boutiques, and restaurants, ...

New Tool Displays WiFi Speed Information Directly Onto, Expedia, and TripAdvisor

This Awesome New Tool Displays A Hotel’s WiFi Speed Info

BY TEAM JST “Is there WiFi here?” Isn’t that every traveler’s question of the moment! Good news…Now you’ll know ahead of time how fast each hotel’s WiFi connection runs before committing to ...

Denny's NYC Lower Manhattan restaurant

7 Reasons Why The New Denny’s In Lower Manhattan Is For Jetsetters

BY WENDY HUNG Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Denny’s Denny’s has never looked better! Located on 150 Nassau Street in Manhattan’s Financial District, the city’s first Denny’s opened on Friday with ...

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Recognized by many as the airline industry’s first frequent flyer program, Robert Crandall, President and Chairman of American Airlines, launched AAdvantage in 1981.  Today, AAdvantage continues strong with around 67 million members.

American Airlines Patch Things Up With Orbitz

BY TEAM JST “You won’t find our fares on Orbitz” was the huge ...
Reese Witherspoon Wild movie

Reese Witherspoon Challenges Serious Hikers In “Wild” Movie Trailer

BY WENDY HUNG Based on Cheryl Strayed’s New York Times Best Sellers memoir, Wild: ...
panama bocas del toro boat

Thomas Jefferson, The Traveler’s Curse And Why Traveling Matters

BY JERRY LEON “Travelling […] makes men wiser, but less happy.” -Thomas ...
JW Marriott Joffrey Ballet 2

How JW Marriott Trains Its Staff With “Poise & Grace”

BY TEAM JST x JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts and The Joffrey Ballet ...
Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and the whole family arrive in Japan

Brangelina Got Married In France! Here’s How You Can Plan A French Wedding

BY WENDY HUNG After nine years together and two years of ...
featured zagreb lookbook 1

Zagreb Lookbook: Peek At The Gorgeous Capital Of Croatia

BY NADIA CHO I wasn’t expecting much from Zagreb during my three ...
sunset Florence Italy

5 Best Kept Secrets Of Florence, Italy

BY AMANDA RODRIGUES Though the city may be easily conquered on foot ...
labor day weekend trends

9 Labor Day Travel Trends You’re Unashamed To Repeat Every Year

BY WENDY HUNG Usually, it’s Friday evening’s Happy Hour that’ll get your ...
air france

Due To Ebola Outbreak, Air France Temporarily Stops Flights To Sierra Leone

BY TEAM JST If you’re heading to Freetown, Sierra Leone via Air France, ...
India; Taj Mahal

Traveling To India? Let These Top 3 Tips Lead The Way!

BY BREE FORMENTINI Whether you are a yoga enthusiast, business traveler, or ...
Barcelona Cooking classes

Wanna Perfect Your Tapas? Try This Barcelona Cooking School

BY TEAM JST You’ve seen it on Tripadvisor, and you’ve read the reviews ...
bergen norway

Basic Hotel Bergen: A Hidden Abode In Norway

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY About six hours west of Oslo, is Norway’s lesser ...

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electronic devices takeoff landing

Use Your Devices During Takeoffs & Landings On Two Australian Airlines!

BY TEAM JST Big news for travelers on Qantas and Virgin Australia! Starting today, both Australian airlines will allow you to use your electronic devices during takeoffs and landings. You’ll get to play with your phone, watch your shows and movies without any interruption and even make phone calls. Text away, my friends. Lyell Strambi, Qantas Domestic […]

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6 Ways To Reimagine Travel

BY ANNIE GRAY Flickr via Leo Reynolds “I can’t afford to travel,” are the 5 most ill-used words in the English language. Why? Because [almost] anyone can afford to travel. Today, with wanderlust and Jetsetting lifestyles becoming more and more popular, people are craving the Instagram worthy trips of their lifetimes but are still looking […]

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SLS Las Vegas

8 Reasons Why SLS Las Vegas Is The New “It” Hotspot

BY TEAM JST After a $415 million dollar renovation of what used to be the Sahara, the new SLS Las Vegas has opened with a bang. Sam Nazarian, founder Chairman and CEO, said, This is the beginning of a new era for The Strip. We are thrilled to throw open our doors and show the world […]

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four seasons hotel jakarta indonesia

Jetset Quiz: Is It Wanderlust Or The Great Escape?

BY LENA KAZER We all travel for different reasons. Some travel to escape their daily life – recurrent stress or a feeling of stagnancy that isn’t always easy to identify – and others travel to find something, whether it’s an underground cat-hotel or something deep and existential. There is no right or wrong, good or […]

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JST Drive: The Bay Area’s Best Motorcycle Routes

BY JERRY LEON x Ask any rider and they’ll tell you that the best part about riding are the twisties. A good rider isn’t judged on how fast he or she can go, but by how well he or she can lean into a turn (the lower the better) and not taste pavement. That’s what […]

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featured video marche des enfants

[JETSET VIDEO] Tour Paris’ Oldest Market: Marché des Enfants Rouges!

BY WENDY HUNG x One of the best things to do in Paris is a trip to one of its austere markets where you can garner the freshest seafood at the poissonnerie, delicious cold cuts, colorful vegetables and flower stands. Marché des Enfants Rouges, located on 39 rue de Bretagne, is Paris’ oldest market and a must-go […]

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Marriott Burbank Airport

Finally! A State-Of-The-Art Airport Made For Business Travelers

BY TEAM JST Business travelers will be inspired by the renovation of Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport‘s convention center and can experience the new setting while earning additional perks. The upscale meeting and convention venue accessible to all of the greater Los Angeles area takes Burbank business conferences to a new level. The renovation of the 50,000-square-foot […]

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