la rioja

Discover Spanish Wine Country: Must-Do’s In La Rioja

BY NADIA CHO Despite being Spain’s smallest autonomous community, La Rioja is one of the country’s most impressive, prosperous and scenic regions. Here, you will find award-winning gastronomy, picturesque traditional ...

Volvo LifePaint

How Volvo’s New LifePaint Will Save Traveling Cyclists’ Lives

BY TEAM JST Courtesy: YouTube If you’re a traveler on bikes, you’ll love Volvo’s newest innovation: LifePaint. Available at no costs starting this week, LifePaint will be seen in six ...

Constance Halaveli Resort, Maldives: The Maldives is scarily idyllic, with oceanic vistas as generous and unyielding as your libido. (Photo credit: Flickr/Mac Qin)

Your Seduction Itinerary: 17 Universally Sexy Cities

BY LENA KAZER When it comes to planning a memorable romantic getaway, it’s about time we put down the Danielle Steele novel and get a little more creative. While anyone ...

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Facebook Lufthansa

Germanwings Crash Prompts Airlines To Change Cockpit Policies

BY JST NEWS After Germanwings Flight 9525 crash in the French Alps ...
Facebook National Gallery of Australia

We Dare You To Visit National Gallery Of Australia In…NUDE!

BY TEAM JST Photo: Facebook/National Gallery of Australia The naked truth about ...
Facebook Family of the Year

Sit Back & Relax With This Road Trip Playlist

BY EVAN MOLINEUX Typically the point of a road trip is to ...
Facebook Andreas Lubitz Germanwings

UPDATE: New Details On Germanwings Crash

BY JST NEWS “Murder” – as investigators described on Thursday of the ...
La Belle Superyacht

Why This Superyacht Is Perfect For Ladies

BY TEAM JST Although there aren’t many female yacht owners out there, ...
Facebook Nokia Lumia 830

Win The Ultimate Travel Companion Microsoft Wants You To Have

BY DESIREE CONSTANCE CHOY With spring break around the corner, travelers are ...
plane crash germanwings

Germanwings Airbus Crashed In French Alps, Possibly No Surivvors

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube Soon after the crash, Germanwings, the low-cost ... chocolate croissant portugal fod

All The Food You Must Eat In Portugal (And Why)

BY AMANDA RODRIGUES Portugal is known for a lot of incredible sights, but ...
Facebook Cody Simpson

It’s International Day Of Happiness, Here’s What #HappySoundsLike

BY TEAM JST Photo: Facebook/Cody Simpson Today marks “International Day of Happiness, ...
Flickr Vince Alongi Uruguay

Uruguay Tips & Tricks: Every FYI You Need To Know

BY JERRY LEON Photo: Flickr/Romina Campos Given its relatively small size, Uruguay ...
Tesla Model S bike

Tesla Model S Might Be Getting A Battery Boost

BY JST NEWS Eco-tourism is a rising hot topic for travelers these ...
Horses. Taiwan Lantern Festival

14 Installations We Couldn’t Stop Staring At During Taiwan’s Lantern Festival

BY WENDY HUNG Rams, horses, cranes, giraffes! No, it’s not a trip ...

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Facebook Kevin Russ iPhonographer

This iPhonographer’s Instagram Is Beyond Incredible

BY TEAM JST Courtesy: Vimeo We know an amazing travel photographer when we see one. Especially one who takes iPhonography to a whole new level. Meet Kevin Russ. If you don’t already know him, he is known in the social media world (hello, Instagram!) for his epic images, all captured by his iPhone. From black and white […]

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Nadia travel solo

6 Tips On Solo Travel, So You Can Treat Yourself

BY NADIA CHO Despite the unease and awkwardness many people may feel about traveling alone, taking a trip entirely solo can actually be super awesome. It’s an amazing feeling to have complete control over your trip itinerary without having to take anyone else’s desires into consideration. Only having to accommodate yourself means that you can […]

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Camino del rey malaga spain

The Spanish Trail You Need To Tackle This Year…Even For Non-Adventurists

BY JST NEWS Courtesy: YouTube Opening during Spain’s Holy Week is the world’s so-called most dangerous path: Caminito del Rey in Malaga, Spain. The walkway, which has been closed off to the public for more than a decade, is now open for travelers starting on March 26 with a cliff face boardwalk hanging 100 meters […]

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Bhutan local lamas

This Is How You Should Trek Through Bhutan…

BY WENDY HUNG Oh, Bhutan! Many call it the Happiest Country in Asia. Just meet its lovely people. They are generous, kind, untainted by anxious insecurity and bewildered depression that seem abnormally normal back in our home countries. Many have asked me, how should they travel through Bhutan? I’ve always answered: Just go and mingle with the […]

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internet cafe japan tokyo

This Documentary Exposes The Dark Side Of Japan’s Internet Cafes

BY TEAM JST Courtesy: Vimeo If you’ve been to Japan, you’ve probably spent a few days fixated on its animated popular culture: cosplay in Harajuku, praying at the temple in Asakusa, or singing your heart out at karaoke. Then, you probably came to discover a darker side of Japan when your train was often delayed because […]

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Terravant Winery Restaurant_Tenley Fohl Photography_National Geographic Abroad At Home Cover Photo_flipped

How A Wine Country Photographer Caught National Geographic’s Attention

BY LENA KAZER Photo: Tenley Fohl Photography When we heard that Santa Ynez Valley, California was featured in National Geographic’s latest book release, “ABROAD AT HOME: The 600 Best International Travel Experiences in North America,” we were thrilled, but not surprised. Santa Ynez is one of those quaint, underrated cities in America that makes us swoon. […]

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Google Shop London doodle

Your Trip To London Just Got Geekier With The New Google Shop

BY JST NEWS If you think the new Google shop in London is just like the Apple Store, then think again! Londoners welcomed the world’s first ever Google retail store on Wednesday. This futuristic shopping experience will be enhanced by an array of Google products: Android phones, Chromebooks, Chromecast dongles…but how is it different from an apple […]

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